Vendors of Dark Sky Products & Services


Starry Night Lights, <>
"We offer the widest selection of night sky friendly
  outdoor lights for your home or business."

my led lighting guide

My LED Lighting <>
"Your guide to energy efficient LED Lighting."
207 Highpoint Avenue – 7A, Portsmouth RI, 02871

LightingDirect <>
From the menu, select Outdoor/LED Outdoor Lighting.
  Once on that page, select from the left column:
  "Dark Sky Compliant" to limit the search.


Cree LED <> See LED Magazine here
LEDs new paradigm means reliability, safety, durability and feature:

  • Instant "on" with no delay
  • Cold starting
  • Programable for motion detection determined lumination level
  • Vibration and impact resistant
  • No mercury or lead is used
  • Dark Sky compliance
  • Longer LED life reduces waste (When properly engineered, LED life is more than five times that of metal halide)
Pegesus Lighting

Once on the Pegasus site, select from the menus the type of lighting you need, then narrow the search to LED. Look for fixtures that direct the light downward only.


LEDtronics <> LED lamp and LED bulb product offerings are available in a wide range of bulb sizes for multiple lighting applications. Nearly every industry will find a LED bulb or LED-based solution for its unique needs.
See recent article here.

The Glare Buster

eLights, <>
"It's common sense to choose lighting fixtures that
  cut glare, reduce sky glow and eliminate wasted
  energy dollars."

Love It Lighting

Love IT Lighting - <>
The on-line lighting store for indoor and outdoor lighting, including Dark Sky choices, both residential and commercial applications. Scroll down to "Search By Category" or use the search menu for Dark Sky.

FXL Lighting

FX Luminaire, <>  
" ...with a focus on the advancement of LED Landscape Lighting
  technology and digital lighting control with zoning,
  dimming and color adjustment capabilities."

GE Lighting

GE Lighting Systems, <
"Lighting fixtures for all types of outdoor areas."

Lumec Lighting

Lumec, 450-430-7040 (Canada), <
"We are committed to making high-quality, dependable lighting products that stand the test of time, lighting products that create warm, inviting environments, in harmony with their surroundings." Check-out their LifeLED series.

Magnaray Lightning

Magnaray International, 866-624-6272,
"Providing Better Lighting Quality and
  High Return On Investment."


Musco Sports Lighting, 800-825-6030,
"A leader in developing sports-lighting technology,
  including solutions for permanent and temporary
  lighting, and sports facility management"


RAB Electric Manufacturing, <
"...products to reduce light tresspass,  sky glow and glare." RAB products are available nationwide, but sold only through Electrical Distributors.

Rustic Lighting

Rustic Lightning & Fans <>
 "...Additional filtering liners can often be added to many lights to hide the bulb."


Visionaire Lighting, <>
"The widest selection of Dark Sky approved fixtures ensures viable environmental consciousness and energy conservation for any project."


Abacus Lighting in the UK, <>

"We are worldwide suppliers of energy efficient outdoor lighting systems, and we put a lot of emphasis on the reduction of light pollution in our product design."

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