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Dark Skies T-Shirts Available

Dark Skies tee shirtWe now have a t-shirt to celebrate our certification as a Dark Sky Community. Our logo in a small size appears on the front while the first place contest winning image appears on the backside. For sizes, sleeve length, pricing, and ordering, contact Fred and Kathleen Stones at: <Starinite458@yahoo.com> or call 303-565-6210.

  Links to Articles and Video Stories

  KOAA News5 Colorado Springs, video story about the designation that ran on
      May 5, 2015, click here.

  USA Today, July 3, 2015, article describes our efforts (mid-way down the text)
      in preserving the view of the Milky Way:
      "6,000 visible stars light up America's 'dark sky' parks"

  New York Times, August 13, 2016, article about our efforts in fighting light pollution:
      "Colorado Towns Work to Preserve a Diminishing Resource: Darkness."

  Colorado Independent, September 9, 2016, article about our nightscape:
      "How a Colorado Valley Became the Center of the Milky Way".

  CNN "Great Big Story", September 15, 2016, documentary video about our efforts
      in preserving the view of the Milky Way:
      "The Towns That Embraced Darkness to See Starlight" YouTube Link

  CityLab, The Atlantic , September 30, 2016, article about our light pollution efforts:
      "The Colorado Towns That Turned Up the Stars".

  NBC "The Today Show, Sunday Edition", November 20, 2016, video story about
       our efforts in preserving the view of the Milky Way:
       NBC’s Harry Smith travels to a small town in Colorado where residents are putting
       covers on lights in order to take back the night.

       Also on YouTube Link

  Japanese NHK TV:
     March, 2017, NHK is the Japanese national public broadcaster and has developed
     an episode onhuman missions to Mars for their weekly astronomy program,
     "Cosmic Front NEXT" that includes a 3-minute segment on Westcliffe's dark skies
     recorded on December 3–5, 2016.
     To view a MP4 format video clip, click here.

  International Dark-Sky Association (IDA):
      Description of Westcliffe and Silver Cliff as an International Dark Sky Community.

  Links to Light Pollution Resources

  Thinking of forming a new dark sky group and/or starting the IDA Places
    "Community" certification process? Here's a description of our journey
     that might be helpful:
    <bit.ly/FormDarkSkyGroup> or a PDF copy: <bit.ly/FormDarkSkyGroup_PDF>

  International Dark-Sky Association:
      <www.darksky.org>     <Public Outreach Resources>

 IDA Podcast by Roadtreking.com: The link following is to a June, 2017, podcast for RVers where they interview John Barentine and Crystal White from IDA. They are promoting dark sky places for RVers to go visit: http://roadtreking.com/episode-144.
For an edited version that has just the IDA interviews, click here.

  IDA brochure (PDF): General description of light pollution issues and solutions.

  IDA brochure (PDF): Light pollution energy consumption issues.

  IDA brochure (PDF): Light pollution related health issues.

  IDA brochure (PDF): Light pollution related crime and safety issues.

  IDA Informatin Sheets for Dealing With Neighbors:
     "How to Talk to Your Neighbor"
     "My Neighbor's Lighting"

  IDA: LED Lighting Myths"

  IDA: Simple Guidelines for Lighting Regulations
    For small communities, urban neighborhoods, subdivisions, etc.

  IDA: How to Enact a Lighting Ordinance
    Description of the process to pass a lighting ordinance at the local level.

  IDA: Achievements in Hi-Brightness White LED Devices (PDF download)
    Vendors of white LED devices are listed

  IDA: "Visibility, Environmental, and Astronomical Issues Associated with
    Blue-Rich" White Outdoor Lighting
(PDF download)

  Facebook page for the IDA Colorado state chapter.
    "Like" the page, and you can post on their wall.

  A Municipal Guide for Converting to LED Street Lighting (PDF download)
    Step-by-step process in making the LED conversion.

  CNN article: "Doctors issue warning about LED streetlights" (PDF download)
    Contains excellent discussion on color temperatures (Kelvin K)
    as they relate to good lighting.

  AMA Resolution Advocating & Support for Light Pollution Control Efforts
    & Glare Reduction for Both Public Safety & Energy Savings,
    Resolution #516, 2009

  Municipal Solid-State Street Lighting Consortium
    Share technical information and experiences related to LED street lighting.

  2012 Lighting Symposium in Seattle
    Information on properly deploying street lights with LEDs.

  Excellent Pages of Definitions, Descriptions, and Resource Links
     <www.pegasuslighting.com> All About Light Pollution
     Global 2006 Light Pollution Map — Color Overlays on Zoomable Map
     2006 Light Pollution Atlas — Download Hi-Rez Images by Continent
     The New World Atlas of Artificial Sky Brightness, 2016 — Interactive map
     <antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod> Full earth image of light pollution
     <www.delmarfans.com> Very complete description and many resource links
     <www.boogeylights.com> Good description and large set of related links.
     <www.lampclick.com> Effects of Light Pollution
     <www.myledlightingguide.com> Tackling Light Pollution with Outdoor Lights
     <www.usinsuranceagents.com> General light pollution description

  Colorado Lighting Ordinances by County & by City 

  Colorado Advocates for Smarter Lighting (C.A.S.L.)

  Wikipedia Light Pollution Description and Definition of Terms:

  Southern Colorado Astronomical Society (Pueblo)

  Links to Vendors of Shielded Lighting
 Click here

Night Sky Events Sources

For current information on night sky events, visit these websites: