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Information Regarding the
Certification of Westcliffe & Silver Cliff
as an International Dark Sky Community.

The IDA News Release is available in a zipped file containing both a Word and a PDF document by clicking here.
   The download is a zipped file and will need to be decompressed (usually double-clicking or right-clicking will auto decompress the file).

Our page on the IDA Places section is available by clicking here.

The original application, Nomination Package for the IDA Dark Sky Community Designation, is available by clicking here.

2016 Annual Report, Recertification for the IDA Dark Sky Community Designation, is available by clicking here. Read about our incredible year following the certification.

A collection of photos, including a free use logo, is available by clicking here.

A set of free use logo images for use on the web, embroidery, screen printing, and print in various sizes and resolutions is available by clicking here.
   Note: some have the word Colorado included, while others do not for use where it isn't necessary to mention. In a zipped file.

Media Coverage:

  KOAA News5 Colorado Springs, video story about the designation that ran on
      May 5, 2015, click here.

  USA Today, July 3, 2015, article describes our efforts (mid-way down the text)
      in preserving the view of the Milky Way:
      "6,000 visible stars light up America's 'dark sky' parks"

  New York Times, August 13, 2016, article about our efforts in fighting light pollution:
      "Colorado Towns Work to Preserve a Diminishing Resource: Darkness."

  Colorado Independent, September 9, 2016, article about our nightscape:
      "How a Colorado Valley Became the Center of the Milky Way".

  CNN "Great Big Story", September 15, 2016, documentary video about our efforts
      in preserving the view of the Milky Way:
      "The Towns That Embraced Darkness to See Starlight" YouTube Link

  CityLab, The Atlantic , September 30, 2016, article about our light pollution efforts:
      "The Colorado Towns That Turned Up the Stars".

  NBC "The Today Show, Sunday Edition", November 20, 2016, video story about
       our efforts in preserving the view of the Milky Way:
      NBC’s Harry Smith travels to a small town in Colorado where residents are putting
       covers on lights in order to take back the night.

       Also on YouTube Link

  March, 2017: Video segment on Japanese NHK TV:
     NHK is the Japanese national public broadcaster and has developed an episode on
     human missions to Mars for their weekly astronomy program, "Cosmic Front NEXT"
     to include a 3-minute segment on Westcliffe's dark skies recorded on December 3–5.
     To view a subtitled YouTube video clip, click: YouTube Link.

Thinking of forming a new dark sky group and/or starting the IDA Places "Community" certification process? Here's a description of our 15-year journey:
   <bit.ly/FormDarkSkyGroup> or a PDF copy: <bit.ly/FormDarkSkyGroup_PDF>